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Aantrekkelijker aanbod

Product and customer wants

Simplify your offerring to sell more easy

The properties of abstract products such as Software determine whether your core customer wants to buy it or not: does it solve their problem? It must fit in well with the urgent problem that the customer encounters, otherwise the chance that the customer will buy the product is very small.

Make sure that you can easily offer and market the product and apply scaling-up. In other words: with an attractive and simplified offer, your turnover will increase sharply!

  • A good product comes from your business model.
  • A good product makes maximum use of the potential (core competencies) present in your organization
  • A good product provides you with as much turnover as possible in as little time as possible
  • A good product solves an urgent problem for your core customer
  • A good product fits in seamlessly with other products that you sell to the same customer

Think low-end, middle-end and high-end products that fit in with the marketing method that fits your client and your company.

Products knotted like spaghetti

You quickly add a few products, but how do you avoid being very busy with a spagettie of products and services without an increase in turnover? Products and the business model are closely intertwined. You have to deal with your knowledge, customer needs and products in a different way in the new world in which customers are overturning the business model.

Add new products, adjust existing products

With practical steps you can create or customize Products for your organization. It is the best and proven way to successfully sell abstract services in these times. You will learn how to make attractive products or how to make existing products much more marketable in a short process of 2 afternoons and follow-up consisting of two progress meetings and a recommendation. 

Branding your company

Convince faster by: