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Marcom department

Your own marcom department from € 997,- monthly

Start streamlining your communication

Stop the last minute projects. Turn your marcom into a process and give it constant attention to grow. By regularly spending time on your marketing and sales workflow you will automatically generate more revenue from new business. Or the sales cycle becomes shorter. With communication you build a consistent brand based on your own culture.

Regularity is important

Make sure that this time "the marketing & sales train" stays on track and becomes a modern TGV. This is only possible if constant attention and love is given to this process. And strengthen the individuality of your organization with branding.

Use your marcom department remotely

With a marcom remote department you can streamline the marketing and communication lines without it costing you extra time. Both all processes and the implementation can be outsourced. If you do that with us, you will notice how much more sales, pleasure and knowledge you get from a healthy flow of customers and exactly the right proposition that grows with what your customers expect.

Remote marketing and design department - Sibren Strategy & Design

The lusts, not the burdens

Handy if you want to give your marketing a strong boost without the hassle of extra people. We also improve coherence in all sales, marketing and branding. Improve conversions in your sales process so that you really work on improving your sales. So no extra staff needed, no hassle, but top expertise!

Continuously fresh ideas

While your belief strategy and proposition become super sharp again, you (optionally) receive from the design studio continuously refreshing (internet) design concepts and excellent execution. We ensure that all puzzle pieces fit together perfectly, so no loose ends.

You will receive Full Support! During the entire period you can go with all your questions and get support you can always count on.

In this subscription we get started with several practical short knowledge sessions online or at your office (takes little time). With marketing and design we translate everything into visual results. After a few months there is really something to celebrate!

Guidance you can count on; you are never alone

After intensive sessions, we will not leave you in the cold with nice words, action lists and persuasion strategy like many consultancy firms do, but together with you and with the smartest techniques and design experience we bring all plans to a perfect execution .

A combination of strategy and implementation so that you know for sure that time and money at the bottom of the line yields a usable result that lasts a long time.

Everything collapses and becomes more powerful

The longer you purchase the monthly subscription, the more you see how the entire strategy, marketing, branding and design come together. The proposition gets an increasingly powerful voice, convinces faster from its own, authentic sound.

With this subscription you get:

  • An (extra) remote marketing & design department
  • Streamlining all your marketing and sales activities
  • Up to date marketing knowledge, workshops where needed
  • Practical tools for smartly building your brand
  • Farewell to all hap-snap marketing activities

Optional upgrade:

Monthly terminable

Nothing is as risky as investing in marketing and designing new services or products. It is all investment in advance without guarantees that you will earn back. It is also almost impossible to know exactly what is needed in a 9-month period and what help you are really useful during that period: you want to quickly anticipate changes and opportunities in the market and work agile.

That is why the collaboration can be canceled each month, no hassle with difficult contracts and financial hassle. We will only continue if you are convinced of the added value.

Building a good name is evolution, not a revolution - sibren Strategy & Design

Strategy and tangible results go hand in hand

Everything is made tangible and immediately usable in your organization and at your customers. So you do not get stuck with beautiful words and ideas where it ultimately appears that you still have to work hard to realize it.

During the program you translate your vision and mission into one powerful and realistic persuasion strategy whereby products and services, the language that you communicate, have a strong coherence and are more credible.

The method yields more enthusiastic, well-paying A customers. Only your best customers ultimately become the enthusiastic customers and they ensure more sales and more pleasure. You also build a powerful brand that makes it easier to enter into partnerships and to retain the best employees.

Choose sharply = win

With a lazer focus you choose very specific customers and you help them with their growth. Become world famous with those specific customers and share the successes sympathetically with your niche. You are noticed by conculegas and customers as a niche player and you come into the spotlight more easily. You use that attention to rise further to the top.

Design Studio service

Customers who use the Convince Customers Faster! following a program finds it difficult in practice to translate their strategic approach into tangible and well-designed promotional resources. They experience that existing templates and templates for websites, for example, are too restrictive. Or they don't have the time to get involved in the implementation.

To quickly arrive at solutions that exactly match your company, you use the marcom team led by Sibren van der Burgt. It consists of highly experienced experts who ensure that complete websites, all text and images, the LinkedIn profile, emailings, house styles and brochures are conceived and realized.

Everything completely in line with your outlined customer contact moments and marketing persuasion strategy. Consistent in the core message, with a contemporary styling and perfect presentation.

Limited number of places

Because we intensively guide customers, there is only room for 10 (international) companies. We want to continue to support our customers optimally with full attention, knowledge and execution. You will receive Full Support throughout the entire program, and if you wish, we will continue to support you until you reach the top of your market

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