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The fastest way to more sales

Optimize your conversion: Upgrade & Go

The process from lead to paying customer has (too) many obstacles. Your company has been running for a while and you notice that the process from initial contact with a lead to the welcome as a customer is not running optimally.

For many BtB companies, this process takes between 3 and 6 months. This is even longer with complex products; a substantial investment in resources.

A small improvement results in savings for every lead. But improving is often a challenge: the conversion chain runs throughout the entire organization and you don't want unwanted disruptions.

Certainly software companies must use more than 30% of their resources for development, in addition to sales, support, etc.

It frustrates when your conversion and support is not going well, especially when you think of the sales that you are missing and the inhibiting factor for growth.

Do you recognize this:

  • There are interruptions in the conversion or customer support
  • You want to achieve more revenue and profit by optimizing
  • You want to retain existing customers as a basis for growth
  • The issues of the day are preventing you from starting or optimizing
  • Which action point now gives the most return

Then start with "Optimize your conversion: Upgrade & go". With this you make a fresh restart with points for improvement of your conversion or support. You quickly get a grip on where the priorities are, where the greatest profit can be achieved. During a workshop we bundle knowledge from your team and we come up with clear results and a restart & go approach.

Why (resume or) refine the conversion?

  • The priorities are super sharp within a few hours
  • Consensus in the team about resources to be spent
  • More focus by bundling knowledge and experience from within the organization
  • Fastest way to more sales and less waste of resources
  • Direct guidance from an expert in optimizing the persuasion strategy

Perhaps the support when using your product is also not really effective. Many companies promise good support to remove their purchase barrier, to convince customers faster. And to retain customers. The downside is that it quickly absorbs a lot of time, while that time is actually needed for (further) development of the product.

Schedule an inspiration conversation or contact us to discover how "Optimize your conversion: Upgrade & go" also paves the way for more sales and optimization at your company.

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