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utilizing the Convincing Power Principles

Apr 27 2020

It has been predicted before: with the changing world, it is increasingly important to give creativity a permanent place in your company. I work here in the Meelfabriek in Heemstede; an old restored mill with in addition the former storage and processing of the flour; in fact it was more of a… >> lees verder >>

Sep 17 2019

Convincing content. You can achieve a lot with it, but it is quite a "difficult thing".Content often plays an important role in the persuasion strategy. When I look at myself, I quickly consume 5 articles and 40 social / daily statements / comments. These are direct messages from companies /… >> lees verder >>

Sep 17 2019

Customers force you to constantly adjust, improve or undertake new experiments. In addition to the existing ones, you also have to invent, test and market new services or products while you continue to provide the current services. For smaller companies, this extra capacity is not available outside… >> lees verder >>

Oct 17 2013

When launching a new design proposal to a client, I want it to be perfect. 100% hitting the nail and any issues regarding the solution is covered. So it takes some time and effort to reach that level. And even more time than I can afford, and more resources than planned, and...This is the typical… >> lees verder >>

Sibren Strategy & Design supports serial entrepreneurs and directors in building and realizing their business case. In doing so, we utilize the Convincing Power Principles; Convince and expand with marketing, branding & design for Business to Business companies in Asset Management, technology, and the manufacturing industry.

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