Expand your business on size, scope and profit

utilizing the Convincing Power Principles

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Increase the Customer Life Time Value with +10%

For over 20 years, we have been supporting serial entrepreneurs in the financial industry, technology and manufacturing industry; the CEO or Business Developer with approximately 10 to 50 full-time equivalents (FTEs) in their company or department.

We help to expand the size, scope or profit on both current and new customers by utilizing the Convincing Power Principles. So that the current customers become the best buying customers. Using proven marketing tools, branding strategies, content strategy, (web) design and graphic design.

What does it bring?

We harness your company's hidden strategic advantages and bring them into the spotlight. And assist in enabling your key clients and stakeholders to experience these advantages convincingly, thereby increasing the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and traction to investors.

With a higher CLTV, you can pay out profits, and invest in your business to tap into a new market for example. How would it be if you could largely finance the expansion yourself and attract investors more easy?


Sibren van der Burgt

What do you need for this?

Smart strategic application of marketing, branding, and design to persuade and expand. Specifically for this purpose, the Convincing Power principles have been developed, a combination of various methodologies and practical tools that provide you with a strategic advantage over competitors. With clients, we have implemented various principles for:

  • sharpening the positioning
  • marketing content design
  • marketing workshop about your added customer value
  • idea directions for new prospects
  • designs and (house) styling
  • IPO sales presentations
  • website marketing and design
  • expert content

Everything to show your customer what you are really good at and with which you can solve an important problem for your customer.

Our customers make better use of their added customer value with:

From €997 per month

Your own remote marketing and (web) design department

In practice, customers find it difficult to translate their strategic approach into concrete tangible and well-designed promotional tools. They experience that existing templates and templates for websites, for example, are too restrictive. Or they don't have the time to interfere with the implementation.

Upgrade your persuasion strategy, (SaaS) marketing, web and visual design

To quickly come up with solutions that exactly fit your company, you make use of the Marketing and Design team led by Sibren van der Burgt. It consists of highly experienced experts who ensure that complete websites, all text and images, the LinkedIn profile, emailings, house styles and brochures are conceived and realized.

Everything completely in line with the mapped out customer contact moments and marketing persuasion strategy. Consistent in its core message, with contemporary styling and perfect presentation.

No fuss or marketing tattle

You don't want fancy marketing stories and lengthy reports but instead hands-on acting. 

It is necessary to quickly communicate the added value to customers in order to quicken the process to paying customer. 

But you are not looking for:

  • marketing tattler with innovative but unrealistic plans
  • design guru who wants to improve every fine detail
  • allround strategist who does not understand in which business a Software company is located in
  • Rectilineal webdesigner who only speaks of ones and zeros

You are done with difficult practices, egos, multiple promises and zero understanding. For a lot of companies the trust in "marketing gurus" is below zero.

Curious as to which advantages you get when working with Sibren Strategy & Design?