Expand your business on size, scope and profit

utilizing the Convincing Power Principles

Mar 20 2024

In the realm of entrepreneurship, one persistent foe reigns supreme: misconceptions. These insidious beliefs lead (potential) clients astray, robbing them of the chance for greater profitability, ease, or a substantial upgrade in the value/quality of services received. But let's face it, what the… >> lees verder >>

Mar 04 2024

It requires some work to make your hidden added customer value visible and let key clients and stakeholders experience that value in a convincing way to increase their enthusiasm. But it is worth the effort, despite of costs, no guarantee included, the investment in time to spend (well, who has… >> lees verder >>

Feb 28 2024

Rhythm and flow in visual design are most important to evoke a feeling or mood that suits the medium and the persona reading it. For most publications, we develop a formula to ensure that all elements, such as text and images, are in place to maintain a consistent flow experience. In my… >> lees verder >>

Sibren Strategy & Design supports serial entrepreneurs and directors in building and realizing their business case. In doing so, we utilize the Convincing Power Principles; Convince and expand with marketing, branding & design for Business to Business companies in Asset Management, technology, and the manufacturing industry.

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