Expand your business on size, scope and profit

utilizing the Convincing Power Principles

The path to increasing the company value

Oct 24 2022

  1. Make your added customer value more visible to transfer the customer value so that A-customers and stakeholders become more enthusiastic.
  2. With a higher added customer value, you can increase profits or become (more) profitable or serve a higher segment: you also turn the most satisfying customer into the best-paying customer.
  3. And that is leading to a higher company value.

But wow, that's a looooong road!
Sure it is. And it is worth it! And sustainable.

But how do we get there?
By making sure you spend attention to the process and make progress every week, every month.

Forget the quick wins for one time, go for the sustainable value with the best-paying customers. They make your company grow and give you all you need to claim your space in the industry.

Well, that sounds vague. What's the ROI?
I would say IOR: Invest On Return. If you do not invest, you will not get any return for sure.

Yeh sure, still vague ...
It's like investing money in your pension: there is no guarantee.

That's why thinking strategically and checking the results of the execution are so important. Go for the long run but monitor the progress closely.

Why bother?
If you think copying the Marketing Communication of big companies is sufficient: sorry, does not work, every company has its own path to growth ...

And yes, my eyes are blue-ish ;-)

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Geschreven door: Sibren van der Burgt

Sibren van der Burgt

Na een studie aan de Kunstacademie in Den Haag heeft Sibren van 1996 tot en met 2004 bij de top-ontwerpbureau's van Nederland ervaring opgedaan met corporate klanten zoals NS, ABN-AMRO, Rabobank en Visa. In 1996 had hij de eerste website al in de lucht op sibren.nl.

Met zijn digital design-minded achtergrond helpt hij sinds 2005 bedrijven in de (software) technology, financial markets en maakindustrie om hun diensten on- én offline makkelijker te kunnen vermarkten.

Het team van de ontwerpstudio ontwikkelt samen met de klant een klant-overtuigings-strategie én realiseert de praktische invulling hiervan met marketing en design.

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