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Doing it yourself quickly will cost more in the end

Jun 05 2023

Experts in your company are brilliant in their field and enjoy solving challenging problems, but they lack what you need: to understand customer value and tailor communication accordingly.

That is why, as the CEO or (co-)owner of your great company, you end up putting together a text for a publication yourself. Full of flair, fresh reluctance and above all a lot of praise for your service and product. Because every customer contact must be used to ram your service into the prospects; you work hard enough for it.

Continue to worry about running your business; employees who leave, struggle again every month for the turnover target, with all days off and holidays limited availability of customers and employees. Mountains of administration, shareholders you have to satisfy, further improving products, many customer contacts for the new service, it doesn't stop. Oh yes, also those *^% job ads and promotional materials for the new product -- no time for that, arrrg..

So postpone it again? Not really an option either, it's been postponed for so long, it really can't wait anymore. So squeezed out some texts until two o'clock in the night and picked some pictures from the internet and pasted them into the word document. Beautiful, or not. Well no, actually it can't be used like that, it has to be better. But no more time, so use it anyway?

Meanwhile, weeks have passed; the promotional material for the new product is still not good enough, there is nothing useful.

If we do the math, hourly wages have already burned more than 5 hours at € 250, the CEO is frustrated and has left other projects for the company. Or the promotional material has been used, but looks so clumsy that it deters rather than inspires confidence.

Nice and professional... If you calculate everything, the lack of a marketing department will cost you a lot of money.

Geschreven door: Sibren van der Burgt

Sibren van der Burgt

Na een studie aan de Kunstacademie in Den Haag heeft Sibren van 1996 tot en met 2004 bij de top-ontwerpbureau's van Nederland ervaring opgedaan met corporate klanten zoals NS, ABN-AMRO, Rabobank en Visa. In 1996 had hij de eerste website al in de lucht op sibren.nl.

Met zijn digital design-minded achtergrond helpt hij sinds 2005 bedrijven in de (software) technology, financial markets en maakindustrie om hun diensten on- én offline makkelijker te kunnen vermarkten.

Het team van de ontwerpstudio ontwikkelt samen met de klant een klant-overtuigings-strategie én realiseert de praktische invulling hiervan met marketing en design.

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