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Companies grow more easily if they transfer their added value better

Sibren van der Burgt founded 'Sibren Strategy & Design' in 2006. He then had more than 8 years of design agency experience (including Edenspiekermann) and worked as a designer for corporate clients such as NS, ABN-AMRO and Rabobank. In 1996 his first website was already on the air at sibren.nl. He did web design in the evening hours, because at the design agencies where he worked and with customers, the internet still had to be 'discovered'.
With his background, he helps organizations and employees to answer the following question:

The best way to help entrepreneurs to convince clients faster of the added value that the entrepreneur provides

To answer that question, he has developed various related products and programs. Shaping and propagating the core competencies. With both feet on the ground.

Continuous change, how do you deal with it?

And what could be better than a company that can renew itself to grow and thrive until full potential is reached?
That is why his mission is: to help entrepreneurs to renew their organization themselves. His dream is to have developed a method by 2020 whereby "renewal of the organization" becomes easier, more self-evident. Every year, changes will only go faster ...

Practical interpretation is Convince Faster, a method with which you can further develop the added value of your organization and use it strategically via Sales, Marketing and Design to entice the A-customer.

Both creative and corporate

During his education in 1990 at the KABK Royal Academy in The Hague, research into creative possibilities became 'art'. For him, that was the start of catching and sharing a lot of inspiration. He enjoyed taking that inspiration back to solutions to problems in daily business practice.


He found further practical design solutions at various renowned design agencies in the period from 1996 to 2005. Both at a desk with 100 employees where primarily the basic identity was developed for government, banks and multinationals. He worked there for corporate clients such as ABN-AMRO (annual report, statement folder, etc), Dutch Railways (basic house style), Nuon, Randstad and the Dutch government. After nine years of office practice, he wanted to get closer to the pure problem without the intervention of managers and egos. That is why he started his own design agency: working directly with the customer who is confronted with the problem.

Creative source

Purity is the source of inspired collaboration, and that is where his fascination lies with the FLOW concept. His personal keyword is Innovation.

Uncommon offering

With creativity you naturally have no turnover in your organization. That is why from 2010 he started to develop further towards marketing and sales. It makes little sense to make something insane without a strategy that makes sense. Cash comes from the customer and he buys more easily if barriers with good marketing are removed. Formulate an unusual offer, based on the core competencies of your organization. The most powerful way to grow.

He has followed various training courses and seminars for that knowledge and experience: continuing education. He also continuously learns from the mentor and coach about the business and sales side. Not only for his own company, but also to be able to continue to offer customers an up-to-date method for successful business.

Central to the services of Sibren Strategy & Design is the unusual range. This is the way to compile an offer with the strongest core competencies of your organization that is difficult to copy, unique and that solves the biggest problem for your core customer.

Teams with senior expertise

From the start in 2006, Sibren has started to collaborate openly with customers and other experts in a team to get the best solution together. Direct interaction between the most important sources: the customer, the customer of the customer and the experts who solve the problem. A successful way of working that the customers are very enthusiastic about. Together with a few experts, he forms a permanent team with which the chain for Website (creation and technology) and Content Online is made accessible. For each project, the expert team is expanded where necessary to get the best solution together.

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